Monday, January 11, 2016

Post December darkness resolve

The dark half of the year sure drains my energy. So I decided to take up sun worship (appreciation), because why not? Traditions and rituals are fun and enjoyable, so increase happiness and excuses to do fun things. But I felt the traditions I inherited were tainted by extremism religion, my lack of belief in them, as well as abuse by capitalism, granting more stress than joy. It put a damper on Christmas spirits.
What better thing to do than celebrate our friendly giant fireball in the sky instead? Yule traditions port back well to sun worship. And we owe our life to it. So I keep a Tree indoors decorated with "Suns" (stars) and planets (circular ornaments). 
Now I just need to invent my own rituals to go with it. Perhaps some thinking with friends about things we are grateful about while lighting a lot of candles.
Maybe jul is a good time to eat more vegetarian food as well?

My tiny potted tree got to wear some "planets".

I'm not taking away my decorations before late February or whenever spring hits. Whatever comes first.

My new traditions:
Make sun themed ornaments near equinox (to remember the nice light)
Eat vegetarian food (through photosynthesis of course, plants are nearer the sun than meat, metaphorically. Besides its good in other ways.)
Get together with friends on the equinox to appreciate things that increase happiness. (Happiness is the core of my new traditions, the sun is really just the mascot and bringer of happiness.)
Light candles and lights when possible (to increase light/happiness)
Keep up other traditions with low apparent bond with religion, like Eat gingerbread figurines (because they are tasty, see "happiness", bonus for sun and moon shapes)

Sun shaped dreamcatchers.

Now that snow has finally began falling, I can really feel a strong motivation and energy I haven't felt since last spring. It's a great start for 2016! Learning new software, started a bazillion new projects, reviving old ones, toying with trying some VR... I wonder what comes next. Stay tuned!

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