Thursday, January 14, 2016

WIP Project: Ugly Duckling 1 (recycle art)

(Note: W.I.P stands for Work In Progress. Posts tagged with WIP can be voted on here in order to encourage me to re-prioritize what to work on)

Sometimes I like to try and reuse things for other things. It is environmentally friendly and can be quite interesting and satisfactory.

This time, as I was dusting off some really old Easter decorations, I found myself suddenly urging to do something fun with them. The decorations were, to me, meaningless. Anybody around had forgotten they existed. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, so I just started doing something, for fun. 

The subject:

First I covered the thing in gesso primer, then to contemplate the next step. Adding on strange bits? Just plain using it as a canvas? Painting it into something contrasting to what it was? Many options.

Next I covered it in blackish watercolour paint to simulate an oil spill. While I like the contrast between "cute Easter duck" and "oil spill" I felt the message was too predictive and forceful. I decided to keep going.
Here is the beginning of re-skinning the duck into a sort of wolf or monster skin, giving the impression that the duck is either wearing a wolf skin or being eaten by one. It is a bit undefined right now but you can probably spot the eyes on the top of the head.

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