Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3 Speed Paintings

I made three speedpaintings tonight for no particular reason other than "I should"
Painting with round default to see what would happen, eyeballed from photo but  tried to change the environment and slacked on the colour.
Trying to capture the values from eyeballing, tinkered a bit with the details at the end . It sort of works if you squint at it but I didn't intend to spend any more time on it so I moved on to the next one.

That's an Elite from Halo. They are often glorified in others and my fanart, but I drew this from imagination on top of a photoplate of a party photo of a human, making it even more hideous than would be expected of an alien race really, nobody looks good on a sweaty front flash, especially not if human skin is involved. I didn't spend particular much more time on this one than the others, and this has shown me how much of a difference a photo plate really can make in speed. I hijacked both the texture, feel and colour without having to think so it saves a dramatic amount of time, but the creative direction is then again governed by the photo, I would probably have drawn a glorified elite if I started from nothing.

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