Thursday, October 18, 2012

The rebellion of an art student.

I'm a 3rd year illustration student. I started studying it because I heard you learn to draw in illustration, and have to think creatively. I didn't understand the difference between Fine art or Illustration or maybe even graphic design, when I made my decision to study it. It took me about one and a half year before I started getting an idea of what that difference might be. Whatever it was, it seemed like a really huge deal, and everyone seemed upset about it. Illustrators don't like graphic designers or vice versa, Fine art hates illustration and vice versa. Somebody hates somebody else and vice versa. Why? why? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?

I don't care about this difference. I don't care about what anyone thinks art is. I don't personally believe in any artificial barrier between graphic design, illustration and fine art. Those differences are all built on previous people and relationships that came before us, and I don't like the idea of inheriting other peoples judgemend/resentment/hatred about human beings I don't even know. I'm not going to judge you based on what you chose to study. It's equally stupid as inheriting racism.
We, the "art students" of any study, are inhereting previously held ideas from our tutors uncritically, for little reason, segregating into groups decided upon us by a society we had no hand in shaping.

When I began studying art, "all drawing" to me was art. Visual images = art to me then. I don't care about the word "art", I see us all as creatives/crators/communicators/whatever you want to call it, and wish to spread around me the idea we need to all work together against the "non art" world, who don't see the point in drawing/visual imagery. Let us together unite, and raise visual art/art/work/whatever's standing in the eye of people who still don't know the difference between illustration/fine art/graphic design.

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