Friday, November 23, 2012

Pin puppet silly fun

This was not what I intended.
When I started animating my character using the After Effects pin puppet function, my multiple layers became a bit of a mess. Motion sketching is hard to synchronise with multiple layers, I can't see what I'm doing, so when I played it back one final time, all of the limbs were disconnected and the joints didn't even line up. I found it amusing for once instead of getting frustrated with my lack of progress.

I have since taken to animate the character with timeframes instead of motion sketching, and it is looking better now. I won't render that until it's complete however, so that will come on here later. It's done now. Motionsketching is really fun, but I think it works much better on one layer as you can actually see what you are doing then. Learning a new program is frustrating yet I enjoy the discovery and sense of achievement it gives me. Besides I get to make silly things like this.

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