List of places relevant to me, that might be worth knowing about.

Bitraf, Oslo hackerspace
A hackerspace is a localized area where people can do DIY of various things. Inventors, artists, programmers, designers, makers. It is closely linked with an open source mindset, and being a free space, it can be viewed as a workshop space for everybody. I visit workshops and hang out here.

BlankSpace Oslo
Blank Space Oslo Calendar
Blank space is a gallery in Kværnerbyen that has free life drawing (kroki) for members of Bitraf, I attend it on a regular basis. (Non members pay 50kr)

Best commentary about the games industry and a great community.

Antagonist, norwegian game developer
I intern as a concept artist for Antagonist.

RazingBird studios (games) (ex whisper)
I formerly volunteered for this online based indie game developer.

TAW gaming clan (the art of warfare)
Taw is a big online gaming network. I play competitive games under them, in a sub clan for Natural Selection 2 of about 60 people. I have recently started as co-leader for a team (8 people), I find this clan particular notable for its strict harassment policies and professional conduct, making it pleasant group to play with.