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False awakening (click to see more)

False Awakening is a multimedia project about lucid dreaming and the subconscious. Centered loosly around a story about human emotion, it is currently on route for a video game. The project is quite amorphous at this stage, having nearly become a picture book, and feature stand alone paintings.

Bitraf graphic design (click to see more)

I volunteer some work for Bitraf in the form of Business cards design, flyers and other required material I get involved in.

Game jams (click to see more)

I generally arrange local ludum dare events at the oslo hackerspace Bitraf. I participate usually with strangers in 2-5 person teams, and provide a combination of direction, base ideas and a whole lot of art. I usually try to push for expressive games or do something differently.

Logo Design (click to see more)

Personal Logo: Skyfish Art

Commissioned Logo for LRC


Most of my traditional and digital 2D work is hosted on deviantArt.

Life drawing (see more)

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