Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Work In Progress - Decide what I do next

Want to affect what I do? Now is your chance!

WIP stands for Work In Progress.
I have got many ideas I would like to work on in the nebulous "some day" time. Most of my projects start off enthusiastically before I forget them in a corner somewhere. In order to complete more projects I have now decided to keep a little directory here with projects that have gone on ice. If you want to see me work on that project, all you have to do is comment about it, this will be sufficient external motivation to rejuvenate my enthusiasm and re prioritize (within reason).

This post will be updated to list blog entries tagged with WIP as I document and upload them.

WIP: Aquarium sculpture

WIP: Fantasy wax candles

WIP: Ridiculous Dreamcatchers 

WIP: Dragon Bestiary

WIP: Masks

WIP: Dream Fakemon Bestiary

WIP: VR experimental interactive gallery

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