Friday, May 20, 2011

Dream postcards

Early uni project. It was quite a mess and required a lot of research into my own dreams, and that is more difficult than it sounds.

The task was to make a series of postcards.
I chose a theme of reoccuring dreams.

3 negative and 3 positive, whom negate one another in pairs.
This was not a design choise, but a consequence of my dream pattern. I discovered that my reccuring dreams all fell into categories and had opposites.

From left to right:

Blind "incapability" dream: These dreams all have in common that I cannot see properly or at all. I rely on other people to aid me and am frustrated. The post card depicts me in blinding light holding over my eyes with the symbol of blindness on the back of my palm.
This dream highlights my occational sense of uselessness, hopelessness, inability to act, failing goals and the overwhelminess of existance.
Contrast to dragon "Capability"

Tornado "Chaos" dream:
These dreams all have in common that a tornado or powerful storm suddenly appears, the dream goes from very clear to very abstract quickly, as gravity shifts and all things tear and fly in the storm. This theme represents my own confusion in difficult situations, the jumbling of memories. It is about failing to handle too big and uncontrollable tasks and a lack of control.
contrast to lucidity "control"

Dragon "capability" dream:
These dream all have in common me transforming into a dragon. She is often godlike, and can do whatever she please. I added the scales to represent capability through descision making, and she has power over the whole world. She reflects what I strive for; impossible goals, but happy to be forever reaching.

Train "restriction" dream:
The train dreams all have in common I find myself on train tracks or inbetween electric wires. They serve as physical obstacles I want to get around or away from. The trains come in lines of 5 to 20 tracks and all try to run me over, though I allways dodge them swiftly. If I remember I can fly, the electrical wires in the sky seem to become infinite and are allways there. It reflects the obstacles of life really...
contrast: flying "freedom"

Lucidity "control" dream:
In the lucid dreams I am aware I am dreaming and try to do something amazing or impressive. In this dream I paint mountains onto the sky. This dream is the ultimate in awareness and control.
contrasted Tornado "chaos"

Flying "freedom" dream:
Flying freely is my best expression of freedom in dream. There is nothing I have ever done that feels more liberating than flying.
contrasts traintracks "restriction"
Dream postcards by ~Ludjia on deviantART

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