Thursday, April 19, 2012

On games and killing

Killing in games is more common than it needs to be. I think games like sonic the hedgehog are commendable for explaining the removal of an obstacle as liberation rather than killing. I feel as though death has become the default go to explanation for lots of game mechanics that don't need it. Why does it always have to be first person shooting of BULLETS? Why not make "HARDCORE FOODFIGHT the game". I would still get my FPS fix without death, rewrite, reskin, ship. Gameplay intact. Killing is just getting overdone. Not every movie is about death, why does the majority of games have to be about death? (not so much about death, as it being the majority of gameplay in most AAA titles)


  1. Did you draw this?
    Great for tshirts :)

    1. Oh, and I agree with what you wrote.

    2. Yes, I did draw it. I have a bigger version on my hard drive. Are you hinting I should put it on my zazzle? I could rework it and give them colour.