Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dream 26.01.2013 Skyrim, Argonian

Unfinished rendition of dream.

Full dream below. Short version
(Click on the links to see the inspiration source for some items.)

I find myself in a new age (myst). A large donut shaped island with a lot of snowy forest and some ruins. I can see an overview map in my head. As I slowly approach, more trees become visible and the dream looks less like the myst chanellwood age and more and more like skyrim. I see some balloons tied to bushes and many interesting colourful things. I wonder who's birthday they are for? I decide not to approach the empty forest birthday party and explore cautiously in the opposite direction. On the ground amongst the bushes I find a dead man with a sword. The sword is longer than my arm, not so heavy and silvery angular. It has a green symbol on it that I perceive as very beautiful. This indicates it has some kind of magical properties. At this point I have become my character from skyrim, an argonian. I approach a fortress, there are many people inside, they live there. They have fires and warm houses and food. There are guards patrolling the walls of the fortress. I am cautious, though these people are nice, I know they will turn hostile if they see my sword. I think I give the sword away, or people take the sword from me. I turn invisible and steal it back, they don't know it is me who have taken it, but as I leave they realize and they start chasing me. Though I can conjure demons and turn invisible, they manage to chase. I suspect this is because I leave footprints in the snow, so instead of running I spring from tree to tree at an unrealistically high speed. But as the trees drop snow when I hit them, the people are able to follow.

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