Thursday, September 26, 2013

False awakening still frame being exhibited at Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo

You may now view one of my artworks at Galleri Ramfjord, in Oslo. Info at Juvenarte It's exhibit runs from 26-29. september, 2013.

False Awakening is a multimedia project spanning many forms, it started as a childrens book project, then became a graphic novel, then a series of paintings, before taking the direction as an interactive narrative in the form of a video game. It follows a small, doll like character on her adventures to come to terms with various fears. The adventure is heavily centered around dreams and the subconscious, and is being created to cover a multilayered narrative. The exploration of the project is open and experimental.

This is a copy of the artwork being displayed at Galleri Ramfjord. It is edited and canvas printed for the exhibition, but I will not be making any more of this one, leaving it a unique artwork. The canvas print is for sale at 4000 kr. It will be up for sale at the exhibition, but you may email me if you are interested in buying it from me but cannot make the exhibition.

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