Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ludum Dare 29 day 2

(Click here for day 1)

Day 2 of ludum dare 29 is now over, and we (Christina Lewis, Benjamin BenjaminsenTormod Berge and now 
Martin Kvale) have made a functioning game! It's not quite polished, but it has mechanics and art, and we are pretty happy about that. Download is here: Fishy Business, ludum dare 29

We all collectively forgot about the good ideas we had for names, and a decision had to be made, I attempted to make some sort of pun involving deep/ depression / fishing for compliments, but it was not to be. Growing impatient and the day ending, I went home and my dear coworkers went for the opportunity and named it "Fishy Business"

Benjamin finished the game's programming, and we were extremely lucky to have Martin Kvale of Krillbite Studio making some music for us! (They made Among the sleep you know)

I would like to say that our game was super deep and well thought trough, but in the end we had more of a "something something emotions as physical landscape" "something something metaphor" as a general direction. In the end, we had fun, we (probably) learned things, and I enjoyed working together with everyone.

(I will see about making some sort of video showcasing the game, I will have to figure out how first, in the mean time, you can download it up top.)

Skyfish out! 

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