Monday, September 1, 2014

Recycle art: Working on Rubbish

I enjoy making art out of used and discarded material, junk, rubbish, trash.

Here is the reasons why:

Working on fancy sketchbooks or expensive stretched water colour paper always puts this intense pressure on performance. "You spent so much money/effort on this, it has to be perfect!" Working under that mentality essentially degrades my work output, I worry, my lines and strokes become tight and careful, and eventually lack the freedom and roughness that I normally enjoy. Fancy material has it's place, but I desire that liberty I get when "no one is going to see this experiment, this is not meant to be finished art, so I might as well do something fun"

Recycling is obviously good for the world, and by working on primarily used materials, the items I create do not add, but actually consume a part of the clutter some of us find ourselves in. Though I am not majorly concerned with materialism, I get quite a bit of satisfaction from taking items perceived as waste and re-purposing them, freeing up space in the process.

Dream catcher made of used bicycle gear and leftover metals.
 (digitally edited photo)

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