Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life drawing at blankspace oslo

Link to High resolution image

This is the result from yesterdays trip to blankspace oslo, a gallery that offers life drawing sessions. Drawing the human form is one of the most efficient way to improve drawing skill. For the first time I used my laptop and wacom intuos 3 for life drawing. that means both a pc and a tablet on the lap ( I used a second chair to hold the pc) It was surprisingly difficult. I never realized just how much disccrepancy there is between my eye movement and the hand drawing. Normally I can correct for the tablet movement by seeing the line on screen, but when watching the model, my lines are off by many degrees, resulting in thick and thin limbs and a lot of frustration on my part. Frustration was highest around 12-15 and nearing 20+ I started to get the hang of it and resumed working on figuring out what method of looking that actually results in me having reasonable proportions in the drawing. Actually measuring doesn't seem to work out well for me yet (at least not in 1 minute drawings), but getting one contour with (semi) blind drawing and then just going with it has the nicest looking results, even if they are inaccurate.

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