Saturday, February 28, 2015

DnD character design scribbles

I'm playing in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in Elderscroll lore, in Morrowind.
For this reason I have to figure out what my lizard person actually looks like. I am going to be a pirate ninja lizard, so I'm tempted to base it off a black iridescent snake, but I like the hooded one too.
The red faced one is based on a frilled neck lizard, because the character is borderline feral and specializes in punching things. I Thought the aggressive neck display and colouring would go with the angry punchy charcter, apparently it doesn't speak. It's name is JAWS so I should probably emphasise that more. half shark maybe.
This sheet also depicts events in our trial dungeon, we fought a skullfaced ox dude, and Jaws was paralyzed for the whole match while being poked at by zombies. My supposedly professional ninja also failed to attack anything due to bad dice rolls sweaty hands.

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