Friday, March 4, 2016

CNC milling: Stamp part 4

The day has finally come where I finished my stamp/seal project. Almost a year ago I decided to learn 3D modelling and start making it. Now it is complete.

(although I will add a handle later) 
I had put this project on wait until we got a laser cutter, but in the end the CNC mill is probably the better choice. 
In order to fit my logo design into such a small scale, I decided through some trial and error to make a second version of the logo. It is a symbol form of the original. I made 4 attempts to recreate it using different methods. In the end I settled on making the design with open paths (illustrator) because this assured me that no area would ever be thinner than how wide the drillbit might be.

First I drew the shape as a sketch, real size 2 cm wide. Above is an automated vector shape created with Adobe Capture. It makes messy paths. I tried tracing it, but was unhappy with the shapes I created. There is some appeal to the blotchy looking result above, but not for this purpose, where I wanted a clean look.

Above is the final version using set width open toolpaths. It wasn't what I had thought of first, but I quickly became fond of the symbol.

With the help of Nordvik we milled the seal in aluminium. I believe that the part being in metal helps disperse the heat from the wax fast, making it much more functional than other materials.

The part is 35 mm wide. The path is 2mm

Final results, testing with ordinary candle wax.

Here is a bonus picture of Yoshi at work taking pictures of the milling machine working. We milled at Bitraf.

Recursive photoception

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