Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Toilet etiquette cat AI paintover


digital painting of a cat wrapped in toilet paper, collaboration between human and AI

I have been experimenting with AI image generation lately. The image on the left is my interpretation and paintover of the AI generated image on the right.

The task at hand was to illustrate some rules for a toilet at work.
I wanted it to look a bit funny so I searched up in the public gallery of Midjourney (I have a subscription) to look for "Cat toilet" hoping to find some suitable generation of a cat using a cat litter tray  that I could simply slap on the rules. But I got a bit overboard.

Instead I found this cat wrapped in toilet paper. I loved that idea much more than I had envisioned and found it hilarious, so I had to paint what I saw in it. If you have acsess to midjourney you can find the link to the generation here:… It was created by user "bunnyduster" with the prompt: "realistic black and white cat dancing with ribbons of toilet paper falling around him"

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