Sunday, August 28, 2011

The man who wouldn't stop popping like a balloon.

Dream cover: Balloon man by ~Ludjia on deviantART

The man who wouldn't stop popping like a balloon!
In an effort to work more with dream content, rather than try to capture "screenshots" from the dreams, I am now trying to summarize the dream with a front cover like on games, books and film.

This dream was about me and my friend walking around in a supermarket, and continuously would be startled by a man who popped like a balloon. He would allways come back. We asked him to stop with his pranks, but he would not. We tried to run away, but the halls were infinite! I realized this so we ran in the opposite direction, back where we came. The stairway there was like a caleidoscope that was turning, but we managed to cross it and go outside. End.

The man looked ordinary, the poster here is a conceptual interpretation.

I'm contemplating to add text to this to make it look more like a cover. I struggle with the best title though.
Balloon man
The man who wouldn't stop exploding
The man who wouldn't stop popping like a balloon.
Popping man.

One can ask whether this character was a representative of a general prankster, an angry person, or a pervert. or all three. There is also the association to balloons being "inflated" as in he had an inflated sense of power or self worth. He also reminded me of drifloon a lot.

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