Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Slenderman Uni Project

Below you see version 4 of my Slenderman scetch.

It is a work in progress for my uni summer project. It is themed "urban legends and myth" and I chose slenderman. He may not be a "real" legend, but people actually believe in him, or did, anyway. He is a very fascinating subject.

I like the idea of a slenderman whom, once you see, will hunt you down, but If you pretend not to notice and go on with your business, you may just convince him you didn't see and you can get lucky and live to tell the tale. Whatever business he's up to, I'd like it to be more complicated, sinister and mysterious than just plain old murdering/raping people, so i would love to add to the sort of lore surrounding him. Like if he actually puppeteers humans to make them do horrible things, or even take on a politician to do damage to society as a whole. I think that would put more pressure on the situation if you were to see him, because you "should" do something about it, like report to authorities, yet the moment you admit to seeing him, you are most likely going to die.

What i'm doing with the picture here, is try to get a good composition, while leading the viewers eye to allways return to slender man. I'm not quite there yet, would love to hear some feedback on this. I added the tree to cover up parts of the foreground to give the viewer a sense of being in the shot, and thus have reason to be unnerved. I would love some feedback on weither you find this makes it more or less unnerving. The lamp is for light and size reference. If you were to guess, how tall does slenderman seem to be, and do you think the perspective is ok? Any other feedback is welcome, but I barely begun the process of rendeing, but you can comment on that too if you want.

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