Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dream creature: Dynamic arcana

This here being is from my dream from a month or so back. In this dream, I found myself in a world where many strange creatures were, and they were called "arcanas" This is a shapeshifter arcana, quite selfexplanatory. Though that llama look is it's base form. There were dynamic arcanas and static arcanas as well. The dynamic arcana could move and attack physically, and the static arcana were things like statues and masks, but could usually fire energy beams or other such non physical magic.
A dynamic and static arcana could combine to form a powerful creature, where the dynamic arcana would carry the static arcana.

I find myself in a surreal magic world, it seems suspended above a dark void, and the sky is a dark red orange. I have a friend with me. There are some unspecific buildings and bridges between floating landscape. An odd llama like humanoid with a porcelain mask for a face is there, i perceive it to be a "shapeshifter arcana" as part of this specific dream's lore.

Additionally an old hooded lady sits on a stone bridge, I ask her if she is Time. (she looked like death)
"Yes, give me a coin?" she asks. We give her a coin. My friend then started loosing teeth (aging), and people slowed down and sped up as they walked past us. She took our time when we gave her money (dream logic says: time is money)
"are you two the same person?" I ask the shapeshifter arcana.
"Ha, ha, No... That is not how it works" it says.

I don't recall much more of the dream.

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