Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Slenderman Uni Project

This is my Interpretation of the legendary creepypasta Slender man, the favourite horror story on the internet that people still believe in!

Slenderman is often though of as a paranormal being who snatches people away if he is witnessed, so if you see him, you have to pretend not to see or somehow erase your memory if you hope to live. He is characterised as a tall and slender figure with limited or no facial features and many arms or tentacle like appendages. 

I like the idea of a slenderman that not only murders/rapes, but actually does damage to society as a whole by puppeteering important individuals like politicians, this is why I associate slenderman to webs and strings as well. The cruel thing, is if he were to puppet people, noone could do anything about it, thus putting more pressure on the situation where if you DO spot him, you SHOULD report to authorities, but would you at the cost of your own life?

So Hide yo kids, Hide you wife, Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife. cus he's rapin' errybody out there.

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