Friday, March 9, 2012

Life drawing

Result of today's life drawing gatecrash, I didn't take time to measure the proportions and just started painting/drawing. I used mechanical pencil first then some dry old felt pen. I was supposed to go crazy and experiment with wild brushstrokes but it ended up just a teeny little bit crazy instead of supercrazy.

My tutor Carl Melegari Encourage me to put some water on it and I did, intending to go crazy, but it didn't go crazy anyway and looks pretty similar to what I would if I was trying to do things classic-like but sligthtly rough looking. I don't have feel any particular way about this. Next time I must go more crazy (I always tell me that but then it just doesn't go crazy...) I added water to the already applied ink with a waterbrush. A2. (the little guy is watercolour)

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