Monday, April 13, 2015

Suddenly Gamejam Season

Last weekend was Sonen game jam. Next week (17th april 2015) is Ludum Dare, I haven't organized anything, but I'm still considering it last minute. 
For sonen, this time I participated much more casually with an intent to get an excuse to learn using Krita with only my laptop (built in drawing technology) I have been avoiding it because of a whole host of problems, inconveniences and simply being out of my comfort zone. Dragging out the trusty and superior wacom tablet was always too tempting, so for the gamejam I elected not to bring it. Of course, this resulted in no game entry this time. Though I did make a few sketches on the last day where I caved and brought the wacom tablet.... (sigh, but I don't regret it!)

All in all it was successful:

  • Krita doesn't seem to crash anymore (why? I don't know.)
  • Ntrig now has pressure sensitivity in krita (driver update+krita update+nvidia update)
  • Contributed bug reports to krita community
  • Met some cool old and new people
  • Rediscovered my favourite photoshop brush
  • Laptop can be used for drawing in a pinch or with external keyboard
The problem with the vaio flip is that both krita and photoshop are cumbersome without hotkeys, and the vaio hides the keyboard under the screen in tablet mode. Perhaps with a third, simpler drawing app I could enjoy lap-drawing better, might try microsoft paint again, it does have the undo button in plain sight unlike the others.

1-4  reverse process on a "pokefusion" sandslash and machop
5 pokefusion beedrill and ghastly drawn with only my favourite photoshop brush (chalk with low flow)
6 abstract brush practice

The above image is the result of my doodling. I use a little photoshop plugin called "layersToSprite" to automatically output layers into one image, but lately I can't control how many rows it adds due to a weird problem I can only fix with a fresh windows install. (do not want) I also realize they are in the reverse order so that is something to keep in mind next time.

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