Friday, June 12, 2015

Leading a video game community

I play Natural Selection 2 competitively, (clan: T.A.W ns2) but recently our Team leader had to quit, and that leaves me as the new Team leader.
If you want to see what NS2 looks like, I actually stream a lot of our sessions from my first person view on Twitch:

A typical match sees one person "commanding" the team from an overview point, who can think about the game strategy and place tactical structures.
The rest of the team play on the field in First Person Shooter mode as aliens or marine side. Despite being team lead, I play on the field, as these roles are not connected. I don't have as good a grasp of tactics as someone who is trained in commanding in game.

What I do have to do though, is train, organize, monitor, and keep motivated a small team. I don't feel like I have the time for it much, but I manage. So far I found it surprisingly inspiring, When our clan (group) leader (of 60 people) told me that he moved into leadership because he enjoyed it, I didn't understand why he would enjoy more work, but now I think I start to see it. The camaraderie is much stronger when you have to be the glue of the group and the one to deal with all the problems.

Below: Doodles of "Lerk" the alien lifeform I play as.

Official Lerk picture from Unkown Worlds:

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