Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dream avatar

This is a series of doodles where I attempt to narrow down the shape of a creature in my dream (I was the creature) in the dream, I called it "skyfish pod" as it doesn't resemble my skyfish in any way, but has it's properties and personality. The shapes of things in my dream is not set in stone. They differ from scene to scene, it took me a long time to discover this fact as ordinarily we think of dreams like a movie. Only when I started drawing "phsyical" dream locations on paper, did I realize that all the information was conflicting. I concluded that dreams do not consist of a 3D simulated space, but of ideas that we interpret into a setting, loosly. I have many different still images in my head that together make up this skypod. In one scene i had human legs and clothes, and in another I had a long body and one tail, for every "scene" the facts would change, but they were all trivial facts. The figure in the right hand corner can be considered a sort of average, or true form of what I feel the dream was trying to render, and were more often than not the shape "seen" in the dream. The figure had elements from creatures in videogames (panzer dragoon) dolphins, and past drawings I have done lately.

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